Since 1992 divers have been a part of keeping water tanks clean in Texas.  Divers are washed down with a 200ppm chlorine solution using gear that is purchased for and only used in potable water.  No part of the divers body touches the water.  Using a specially equipped  pump or air lift system they are then able to remove the sediment from the floor of the tank.   This is the most effective way to clean a potable water storage tank because it removes sediment that can be a habitat for bacteria and other contaminants.  Everything that is loose is removed  without damage to painted surfaces. This allows the chlorine in the system to more effectively do its job. 

It was hard to beleve we were cleaning a potable water tank a few weeks ago the sediment made the water we were removing from the floor of the tank look like rusty chocolate milk.  The photo below gives you a vew from the top of the tank.  The dark sediment was so thick it blew the blue discharge hose, you can see it being pumped out.


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