Sediment removed from potable water 

Photo: Sedement being removed from a potable water storage tank.


We are currently looking for a Steering Committee to discuss the possibility and merit of forming a Non-Profit Organization.   Currently titled “DRINKING WATER PROJECT” : Our current outline in listed below:  A non-profit Organization dedicated to the education of potable water hygieneThe importance of INSPECTING AND CLEANING POTABLE WATER The Problem:Municipal water treatment plants in the United States spend millions upon millions of dollars each year to produce clean safe drinkable water.  Unfortunately in far too many cases the clean water is then pumped into storage tanks that are rarely if ever cleaned.Sediment build up from inches to feet in the floor of the tank becomes a habitat where bacteria and other contaminates can hide and multiply.  Keeping the sediment removed from water storage tanks is often overlooked.  Keeping water storage tanks clean should be a standard maintenance procedure. The solution: Education of government officials form public works directors to water board members to  the general public. Our Mission: Legislation – Lobbying congress to mandate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to require all water systems INSPECT THEIR SYSTEMS YEARLY and clean their storage tanks at least once every three years. Program development-   Grants – Raise funds to assist rural and under funded systems inspect and clean their water storage systems through grants.    Education-  Educate the public as to what is in potable water storage tanks across the country and the importance of keeping them clean. Build coalition with other like minded organizations.  Educate through –    Articles    –  Direct Mail to public officials  – Trade shows  & a Speakers Bureau    If you would like to be on our steering committee, or you would like to be considered for a board position please e-mail RON PERRIN at be sure to put  DRINKING WATER PROJECT in the subject line.