Boiled water orders have been in the news from Portland Oregon to Tampa Florida and a hundred smaller systems in between. According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources the confirmed presence of bacteria such as E. coli or high turbidity levels lead to most of the boil orders.  Microbiological conditions have been found at the water systems listed that could pose an immediate threat to the public health. Affected consumers can remedy the problem by boiling their drinking water for three to five minutes, which should kill any microbes present.  A boil water notice may not be a notification that the City’s Water System is contaminated.  When an event such as a water leak occurs and the water pressure drops below 20 psi, the City, as a precaution to ensure the public health, issues a boil water notice and collects bacteriological samples for analysis.  The larger the system the bigger the news story until officials can insure water safety is back in hand.