Ron Perrin will be the instructor for WTR 308 Potable Water Storage Inspection Techniques.

The dates have been announced in the Environmental Training Institute summer catalog.


The Environmental Training Institute at UT Arlington has developed a 16 hour course designed to help water utility workers properly inspect potable water storage tanks and towers.  This class is also recommended for utility owners and managers who may be assigning or contracting someone to inspect their storage facilities.

The course will cover safety and liability issues such as confined space entry, fall protection and general personal protection equipment that will be needed.  What to look for and how to document your findings will be a center point of the class.  Students

View from the catwalk

will learn the different types of contaminants that can use tank sediment as a habitat, grow and become a

public health problem.

Many different inspection methods will be covered from taking the tanks completely out of service, to leaving them full of water and using an underwater camera or contracting a commercial diving company to perform the work.

To register contact: The Environmental Training Institute (ETI) at UT Arlington.

Call  866-906-9190


Ocean Corporation Commercial Divers Academy, Houston, Tx

2016 Course dates:

5-10-16  to  5-11-16     South Houston

6-9-16  to  6-10-16       Arlington,  Tx

The class is now listed in the Environmental Training Institute Summer Catalog and online at: