It is official! The Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. is now designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service and has been Incorporated by the Texas Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Our Mission: To promote the safe inspection & cleaning of water storage tanks and towers with:  1) Publications, 2) Video projects, 3) Safety training and 4) Support research to explain the dangers hidden in tank sediment and the need to remove it from tanks.

The Foundation Group, Inc. was a big help in getting everything done right. This will greatly help our efforts to raise funds for education and promotion of safe water system practices.  The purpose of our organization is to highlight the need for clean public water storage tanks.  This blog is now the property of  Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc.   Up to this point, the “Clean Water Tank Project” (now officially know as the “Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project”) has been 100% funded and supported by Ron Perrin and his company, “Ron Perrin Water Technologies” (RPWT).  The posts that are made and the advertisements that are posted will remain in exchange for the development of the blog. Water tank service companies, even competitors, are encouraged to write posts free of charge.  Posts must be on-topic and meet our guidelines.  Advertising on the side bar is available as a way to promote your business and help fund our mission.

The need for training is real.  Just this week we found tanks that have not been cleaned in over a decade!  Tanks in many smaller systems simply fall through the cracks, going year after year, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, and there simply is not enough education on this subject.

Recent Photos of potable (drinking water) storage tanks being cleaned:

8-18-2016 – Photos taken by Ron Perrin Water Technologies.  RPWT was contracted to clean these potable water storage tanks.

These photos are from a small system that complies with every regulation including annual tank inspections.  Deciding when to clean their tanks is still something they struggle with as there are not actual regulations that specify when they should do it.  For too many systems, “No Regulations”, translates to: “It’s just not that important”, therefore they don’t spend money on it.  This is why it is imperative to educate water utility managers, board members, owners or anyone responsible for public water storage tanks.

Sediment that accumulates on the floor of water storage tanks can become a safe habitat for bacteria, protozoa, invertebrates and even viruses.  The EPA recognizes an unclean tank as a breach, the same designation they give an open hole in the side of the tank. There is still no specific EPA regulation that requires water tanks to be cleaned on any specific time line.  Texas requires potable water storage tanks to be inspected every year under Texas Administrative code 290.46, but they (and most other states) do not have specific requirements for when tanks are cleaned.

That, in a nutshell, is the impetus behind the Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. There is a job to be done, and we hope to find fun ways to raise the money we need to educate and raise awareness on this issue.  With that in mind, we are interviewing for an unpaid intern position, or volunteer, to help us work with the Foundation Center to acquire our first grant.  Our first paid position will most likely be given to one of the interns that help us get this project started.  If you are interested in this position or know someone who may be interested, check our our current Job Posting for FALL 2016:

Drinking Water Quality Program Manager Internship

Help us get the word out! The inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks is important to the health of a water system and important to people who drink from it.

Help support this mission with a $5 donation just to show you care about this issue.