Today is World Water Day.

Matt Damon was on the Today Show promoting is bringing fresh water to people around the world and that is a great thing to do. Let’s not forget the people in America though.

The majority of us enjoy fresh tap water from large, well-run and well-funded drinking water systems. However, many people living in struggling municipalities or in rural areas may not be getting the same water quality or even the same value for the amount they pay for their water.

Although nearly all people in America have water in their homes, for some it may not be safe to drink. This may be because the water systems have simply failed to keep their storage tanks clean. Instead of removing the sediment that accumulates on the bottom of tanks, they may have turned to different or more aggressive chemical treatments in order to meet quality standards.

Sediment builds up in all water storage tanks and towers over time. Sediment on the bottom of a tank can quickly become a habitat for bacteria, protozoa (like cryptosporidium), viruses and other microbes. The only way to get these microbes out of the tank is to clean the sediment from the floor of the tank.

Across the country there are many public water systems that are controlled by people who have little or no training in water quality. are elected to serve on city councils or water boards, they come from all walks of life. Their goal is to make the right decisions, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Many of the smaller systems have only a part-time licensed operator or an extremely small staff that can only do what the water board or City Council approves.

The “Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project” mission is to emphasize the critical importance of basic house-keeping (tank cleaning) to water department managers. In the case of smaller systems, knowledge of what that means needs to be spread to the water board members and City Council Members who make decisions regarding the spending of water system funds.

The “Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project” will make a difference. Established as a registered 501(c)(3) in 2016, we are dedicated to the education of the key decision makers at public water systems. Education is the key to clean water for everyone in America. Unlike many costly water treatment chemicals, keeping storage tanks clean is within every budget if it is a priority. Would you drink from a dirty glass? Of course not. What officials need to understand is that allowing water storage tanks to go year after year without cleaning them is akin to drinking from a dirty glass.

We advocate proper inspections of water storage tanks. Documenting what is actually in the storage tank with photos and video allows key decision makers to see what is in their tanks and provides them with the information they need to make good budget decisions.

Cleaning is important. Help us make cleaning water storage tanks and towers a priority in all water systems.

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Ron Perrin, CSHO, SHEP
Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project