By Ron Perrin, Fort Worth Texas

Although we have come to take it for granted,  there is nothing as valuable as fresh water.  In simple terms, it provides life.  Our life.  Our generation, and in many cases for many generations, Americans have enjoyed fresh clean healthy water right out of a tap.  Getting a drink of water from the kitchen sink or bathroom before you go to bed is something that is seldom thought about.  It wasn’t always that way.  Here in the west, bloody range wars were fought over water rights.  Water has been fought over since biblical times.  In the future, many say it will become more valuable than gold because there is only so much on the planet and atmospheric changes could change the amount of H2O that is fresh and consumable.
For now, we must maintain what we have,  make it last, and keep it healthy. That is what this blog is about.  Our public water systems are aging.  Some modern looking water towers are now 50 years old.  All water storage tanks & towers should be inspected yearly to confirm that the inside wter storage area is clean and free from the build up of sediment that can harbor harmful and sometimes deadly contaminants.

I invite you to read these articles about inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining water storage tanks.  Here you will find ideas and answers of how you can maintain a healthy water system regardless of it’s age, while at the same time saving money, time, and possibly more important, fresh drinking water. Visit our company web site for more information


Photo: Ron Perrin inspecting a Water Storage Tower in Mission Texas 2004.

Photo: Inspector climbing 750,000 gallon water storage tower. 

 Diver being washed down with chlorine solution

Diver wearing a Dry suit and Kirby Morgan EXO line air mask is washed down with a chlorine solution before entering the water plant in Arlington, Texas 2007.


Diver with hand held underwater video camera prepares to look for leak in underground tank Waco, Texas 2007.

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Diver IMG_3431

Diver in potable water tank


Diver & ROV


Sediment being removed