Drinking Water Quality Program Manager Internship – Unpaid

The Clean Water Tank Project – Ft Worth, TX

Now Accepting Fall 2016 Applications
Is your drinking water making you sick?
Where you live has a lot of effect on how you may answer that question. If you live in a major city that has a well-funded water system your tap water is most likely safe. However, if you live in a rural area or get your water from a water system that is not well funded or is mismanaged the tap water in your home may not be safe to drink.
Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems Market worth 24.58 Billion USD by 2020.
Global bottled water sales have increased dramatically over the past several decades, reaching a valuation of around $60 billion.
The public dose not trust municipal water systems. The water from your kitchen sink tap should be safe to drink, regardless of where you live in the U.S.
Clean Water Tank Project was formed in 2008 to bring a light to this problem. Soon to be incorporated as a 501 (c) 3. We are committed to the education of water system management. As our nations water systems grow and our water storage tanks age proper maitenance become more and more important. There are no EPA rules that require water storage tanks to be inspected or cleaned.The result is that large well funded municipal water systems do a great job maintaining their systems Unfortunately, thousands of smaller systems ignore maintenance procedures that are not required by law.
In addition to the education of water system management The Clean Water Tank Project is committed to educating law makers and the general public on this important issue. We are currently attacking this problem with an informational blog, printed materials, video productions and training. We are looking for college interns who will help bring this organization to life. We seek candidates that can help us produce award-winning video productions, websites, and social media channels.
Make a difference. Create your own place in the world and help us do this important work. We plan to hire our first program manager and all other paid positions from candidates that successfully complete our intern program.
The internship will span 1 semester. The accepted intern will work towards his/her personal development goals as well as gain priceless hands-on experience and insight.
Must have excellent written communication skills. Must have rudimentary graphic design skills. Must be highly organized with a strong attention to detail. Must have intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office. Must operate at a high level with Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Applications. Must be intelligent, proactive, able to work independently, learn quickly and be self-motivated.
Applicant must be currently enrolled and working towards, or have recently completed, a college degree related to Non-Profit Management, Grant Writing, Grant Management, Web page design, Business, Marketing, Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations or related field.
Applicant must be willing to dedicate a minimum of 15 hrs a week and must have a personal computer to work on. Applicant must have adequate transportation to and from our Ft Worth, Texas office.
Assist with grant writing and crowd funding projects. Write articles and blog posts on public drinking water contamination and the need to maintain clean water storage tanks & towers. Prepare marketing materials by formatting content and graphics. Assist in social media content creation, distribution and strategy· Manage the setup and execution of email newsletters. Assist with Google Adwords & Analytics reporting and strategy. Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
Job Type: Internship
More Information google: “The Clean Water Tank Project”.
Please e-mail your reume with contact information.